Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rescind The Resolution!

Prince William County may rescind part of the Rule of Law Resolution! Frank Principi is taking the brave stand to defend immigrants in Virginia and is going to make a move to have part of the immigration resolution thrown out. If we are successful here we may be able to soon overturn the entire racist monstrosity!

Go to anti-bvbl for information about how to participate in this important effort!

Si se puede!

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Anonymous said...

The illegal immigration problem is a direct result of U.S. imperialistic warmongering policies. After invading the sovereign nation of the Conferacy, The U.S. outlawed the age old custom of slavery. This has led to a shortage of unskilled labor thus sparking the invasion of illegals.

The Israel-palistinian problem has similar roots. Had the U.S. not interfered in WWII, Jews in the middle east would not be causing problems, as they would all be dead.

Clearly, U.S. policies are at fault.